Equity Alerts

We screen over 500 tickers daily for completed TD Buy/Sell Setup Signals, TD D-Waves, and others on Daily Time Frames

Each weekend we scan a different list of tickers such as SP500 or Russel2000

Each weekend we send out alerts for Tickers on Weekly TD Buy/Sell Setups + TD D-Waves

Each weekend we send out alerts for Tickers on Monthly TD Buy/Sell Setups + TD D-Waves

There are 2 delivery options for the Equity Alerts:

  1. Email
  2. Telegram Chatroom(or private Telegram msg).

Below are screenshots of the TelegramBotEquityAlerts.


The above screenshots correspond to our Daily and Monthly alerts for Equities

"TradeThe9s Daily Equity Sells" alert from the Bot corresponds to Tickers that were currently on candle 9 (for the Daily time period) for a sell set-up series

The "34-Bar Close" corresponds to one of the waves of the "TD D-Wave" indicator/system (TD version of Elliot Waves).

See our Education section for more information on Sell/Buy set-up series

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