Here at TradeThe9s we offer subscribers TD Set Up alerts for Crypto-Currencies, Equities, and Commomdities (Forex coming soon). We also offer purchasable technical Indicators for TradingView (coded in PineScript).

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Equity Alerts

TD Buy/Sell Alerts for Equities

We screen over 500 tickers daily for TD Buy/Sell Setup signals and TD D-Wave signals

We screen all these Tickers (and indices such as SP500, Russel2000) each weekend for both Monthly and Weekly TD Buy/Sell Setup, and TD D-Wave signals

CryptoCurrency Alerts

TD Buy/Sell Alerts for CryptoCurrencies

We screen over 500 coin pairs throughout the day for TD Buy/Sell Setup signals, TD D-Wave signals, and volume analysis

Time Periods screened include Weekly, Daily, 12h, 8h, 4h, 1h (and more)

These coin pairs cover every Coin listed on Binance, Bittrex, Polonoeix, and Kraken exchanges

Technical Indicators

We offer various indicators related to TD Sequential written in PineScript(made for TradingView):

  • Full TD Sequential Indicator
  • Resource-Light TD Sequential Indicator
  • Imperfected Set Up Markers
  • Proprietary Momentum Indicators
  • TD D-Wave Indicator
  • Auto-Drawing TDLines (Supply & Demand)

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