The above screenshot shows Visa on a 9 for a Monthly TD Sell Set Up.

While browing the results from our weekend scans we came across Visa trading in its 9 candle for a Monthly TD Sell Set Up.

The parabolic nature of the advance this stock has undertaken the past year and half really tipped our interest even more.

Digging deeper, we can also see next week it will be on a weekly 9 for a Weekly TD Sell Set Up (similar to Nasdaq).

What are we looking for? 

Even though the monthly 9 candle has started to look like a potential reversal candle, we'd still like to get confirmation from the weekly chart next week in the form a bearish reversal candle on the 9 candle for the weekly TD Sell Series.

If next week is bullish and closes near the top of its candle we'd have to wait until the close of this monthly candle in order to get some form of confirmation that its at least an itermediate term top.


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