BITTREX:XMRBTC -1.38% finds itself in a similar spot as the last few times it found a bottom (see clouds). 

BITTREX:XMRBTC -1.38% very rarely makes it to a completed "TD Buy Set UP" for the weekly time frame. In fact, it has historically bottomed in week 7 (which we're in currently) just as it makes a bearish fall beneath the 50MA. 

The last 2 weekly 7s (had you bought the bottom) returned 200% and 250% respectively from top to bottom. 

Below is a snapshot of the same chart for daily time frame. If you look'll see that each of the clouds (weekly 6/7 bottoms) contain completed daily TDBuy Set Ups. What did Monero just complete a couple days ago? A TDBuy Set Up. 
Daily Time Frame for XMR/BTC